OGD ict-diensten (OGD IT services) is a Dutch IT service provider.

From our five offices, over 1,000 ambitious and highly educated professionals specialize in the fields of IT infrastructure, service management and software development. Within these areas of expertise, we help our customers by means of staffing, outsourcing, IT projects, and consulting.

Our vision and company values

More than anything, we strive to be a meaningful IT partner. We believe that added value is the basis for any successful collaboration. We provide this added value by using only those technologies that help build reliable and flexible IT solutions for all our customers.

“Samen slimmer”

What does our motto “Samen slimmer” stand for? Literally translated, you might interpret it as “Smarter, together”.

One hand washes the other. We believe that goals can be achieved by collaborating with our customers in honest and inventive ways. By openly discussing opportunities as well as problems and having the flexibility to do just that little bit extra. Even if it wasn’t in the original agreement.

Moreover, we love to hear what you have to say. We want to learn from you and hope that maybe we have something to teach in return. By getting to know you and developing a sense of what matters in your business, we’ll be able to find better ways of helping you improve that business.

In short, we feel that working together allows both of us to reach our maximum potential. In a collaboration in which we are truly “Smarter, together”, one plus one just might add up to three or even four.

The foundations of our approach

We believe that our company values are the foundations for working together with colleagues, customers and suppliers in a way that is as successful as it is pleasant. We hope to inspire mutual trust by being:

Open and honest – We aim to always give clear and honest answers to all your questions, including the ones you didn’t ask us.

Flexible and independent – A flexible attitude ensures that your specific requests and demands are met, even if they’re not in the original contract. And thanks to our many partners we can always offer you a choice that is truly brand-independent.

Personal and informal – We feel that business should be done in person, but that does not mean that dozens of spokespersons need to be involved. A single OGD’er who knows what matters most to your business is the only contact you really need.

Smart and inventive – There are so many different clients and IT-environments, each with their own specific needs. We enjoy looking for the smartest, fastest, cheapest solution possible.

What we do

It all started with a couple of friends whose first job was to take care of a local company’s mainframe. Now, twenty-five years later, we help our customers out in four different fields of IT.


We offer outsourcing solutions in three specializations:

The cloud – we believe that fully cloud-based IT-environments are the future. That’s why we help customers make the transition towards managed hosting. Either by helping them make the full jump to the cloud, or by providing a hybrid solution that is part cloud-based and part locally installed.

Service management – we help customers help their users by providing complete service desks and service management solutions. We provide in-house service desks, but many customers save space and money by choosing our shared service center.

Systems administration – keeping your systems up and running is essential if you want to do any job. We help our customers by taking systems administrations off their hands fully or by paying regular visits ( a few times a month) during which our administrators help and advise our clients’ own administrators.

Projects and consulting

Projects – depending on our customers’ needs, we execute full IT projects from a to z. We (re)design and build IT infrastructures, help deploy new workspaces or help make the transition towards Windows 8.

Consulting – no matter how big your company, good advice when taking decisions is always helpful. We have specialists available for almost any IT related subject you can think of. Let them shine a different light of the issue and you won’t regret it.

Software development

Web app design – we feel that the multiplatform web app is the software solution of the future. We help customers turn their brilliant ideas into equally brilliant apps.

Coconut – Coconut Private Social Network is our out-of-the-box enterprise social network solution. For more information, please visit coconutcenter.com.


No matter the job, we have the talented and motivated IT professionals to help you get it done. We work exclusively with highly educated people, meaning that our customers always get the best person for the job. Unique to our approach is our large pool of young part-timers, often students, which allows us to keep costs low but performance and flexibility high.

We can deliver staffing for virtually any IT-related job, from systems and network administrators to service desk employees and from software developers to project managers.

Our customers

We help many different types of organisations with many different forms of IT. From staffing to systems administration and from full scale projects to service management solutions. Here are some examples:

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is a non-profit, international development organisation, established in the Netherlands in 1965. After a public tender in 2009, OGD has taken over all technical administration of hardware, infrastructure, operating systems and some of the applications in the Telecity datacenter.

Coty Benelux

Coty, founded in 1904, is the world’s largest perfume manufacturer. Since 2009, OGD has been helping Coty Benelux by developing a number of applications in PHP. Two divisions of Coty Benelux (Coty Beauty and Coty Prestige) each have their own application used to manage their product ranges, including product availability, customer statistics, order data and more.

Regio College

The Regio College provides vocational education to about six thousand students and has around five hundred employees. After a public tender in 2012, Regio College chose OGD to fully outsource its IT environment. The new environment was completed in January 2012. All workspaces are now part of a digital learning and working environment provided from our data center.

Want to know more? Read some of our customer stories and experiences (in Dutch) on our Cases pages.

Contact us

Please contact us at info@ogd.nl. Would you rather speak to us right away? Feel free to give us a call at +31 88 65 00 000.

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