Senior Cloud Engineer (English version)

As a Senior Cloud Engineer, toil is one of your pet peeves and old servers (2003-2016) are merely a tool of experimentation for you to use. Innovation is what drives you and new technologies are what gets you going. With those traits, you are an important cog in the wheel of OGD’s award-winning service delivery.

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A major part of your time will be spent on development, maintenance and modification of Azure and Office 365 environments at one of our clients. In order to do so, you preferably employ principles such as Infrastructure as Code, because you excel at Powershell, ARM templates and/or Azure CLI. Every piece of manual maintenance is to be analyzed and scripted. Your colleagues are then able to execute your comprehensively written runbook through Azure Automation. As a Cloud Engineer you are predominantly directed towards client-side innovation and general service improvement. Ready to try out that new technique you saw on Twitter? After filing an issue, you may possibly find yourself employing it the week after. As a Cloud Engineer, maintenance screens, updates, backups and reluctant VM-based servers do not bother you anymore. You prefer having chores (automatically) taken care of by Azure Automation.

What do you have?

  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience in the field of cloud engineering
  • Experience in the design and maintenance of automation code and Infrastructure as Code
  • Experience with Azure DevOps, Azure Automation, Azure are a plus
  • A university background (applied university also suffices).

What makes you a true OGD employee?

  • You were educated at a university or at an applied university
  • You enjoy talking with co-workers about the latest technology, at work-related drinks or pizza sessions for instance
  • You like working with enthusiastic, smart and (sometimes even) opinionated co-workers.

What do we offer you?

  • A permanent contract
  • A salary up to 6000,-(on a basis of a 40 hours working week)
  • A flexible, understanding employer willing to tailor to your work-related needs (i.e. working from home)
  • Unlimited training opportunities
  • An encouraging environment for continuous self-improvement, in which you decide which path to follow; we will attain a facilitating role.

We will provide you with everything you may possibly need to focus on your job. This does not only include providing you with state-of-the-art hardware and tooling, but educational opportunities to secure you will expand your knowledge for years to come as well. We value potential and work ethic over exact skills.


As you may have noticed, OGD is heavily invested in designated career paths and self-development. With Cloud Engineer being such a multifaceted position, we strongly believe you should have large control over the path you choose and what satisfies you most. Therefore, we will provide you everything you need to find your own way. We are always open for discussion and will always hand you opportunities to thrive at your profession.

Are you interested? Come have a digital stroopwafel, some coffee or a drink on Teams and apply via the button below! Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Solliciteer direct Je verlaat de website naar het inschrijfformulier

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